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Picture: Dortmund Airport 21

The Dortmund Airport

Dortmund Airport is taking off for the future. The new departure hall has been completed and the main runway has been extended to 2,000 metres. Two important steps which, at a stroke, gave efficiency at Dortmund Airport a huge lift and thus met growing demand.


Magnifier: Click to enlarge The Dortmund Airport handles more than two million passengers a year.
Picture: Dortmund Airport 21

As an important traffic hub in the eastern Ruhr, Dortmund Airport now has a dual function: on the one hand, to satisfy air travel requirements in the region and, on the other, contribute to a short / medium distance network in Europe. But it is business travel that will benefit most i.e. passengers wishing to fly off in the morning and return in the evening.

By linking up to major intercontinental airports such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Paris, passengers from Dortmund can literally fly the world.

Flight destinations from Dortmund are increasingly tourist ones. This applies to scheduled flights and to the chartered flights which tour operators have been offering to selected destinations in Europe for some time now.

Seen from the bird's eye view of a Europe becoming "smaller", Dortmund Airport has become a central part of business development strategy in Dortmund. As such, existing jobs can be secured and new ones created. Meanwhile, the tourist sector derives considerable benefit from developments at the airport. And, in addition to passenger flights, the new Cargo Centre at Dortmund Airport will be significant for the logistics industry too.

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