Office for International Relations

Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Fachbereich Marketing + Kommunikation / Roland Gorecki

Partnership with Bolenge, Congo

The "Ambulance Boat Bolenge" is a project of the Evangelical Church District of Dortmund. Its aim is to provide basic medical care for very remote villages in the partner church district Bolenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which can only be reached by boat. Up to 100,000 people live along the rivers Congo and Ubangi without access to medical care – most of them have never seen a doctor before.

The Office for International Relations of the City of Dortmund supports the project in a coordinating manner and whenever it is needed.

A donation from the Sparkasse Dortmund in the context of the coronavirus pandemic was used to provide masks, personal protective equipment, educational posters and soaps for the ambulance boat.


Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Stadt Dortmund / Roland Gorecki