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Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Fachbereich Marketing + Kommunikation / Roland Gorecki

Partnership with Dabola, Guinea

A project partnership was initiated between Dortmund and the city of Dabola in Guinea with a focus on waste disposal and prevention.

The city administration of Dabola strives to improve living conditions for its 42,000 citizens and sees waste disposal and environmental education as an important focus. A currently inadequate waste management system causes health and environmental problems in various ways.

Through the project partnership, the involved representatives of both cities work on a holistic approach and exchange best practices, especially in the field of environmental education.
In addition to Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH (EDG), the project group includes the football club "Dortmunder Löwen - Brackel 61 e.V." with its project: "Kick-off for Diversity & Integration" as well as representatives of civil society.
A donation from the Sparkasse Dortmund in the context of the coronavirus pandemic was used to provide hand washing stations and medical equipment for the local education authority in Dabola.

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Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Stadt Dortmund / Roland Gorecki