Research & Science

Science & Academia

From coal, steel, and beer to education, science and research. Dortmund - a city with the courage to change.

Within 30 years, Dortmund has turned itself into one of the leading research and technology metropolises in the Ruhr Region.

The large number of internationally renowned university and non-university research establishments and initiatives covering a wide range of different subject areas ensure the flow of new scientific knowledge and the next generation of well-qualified employees in the city.

Young university location

Dortmund is a relatively young university location, with seven universities - both private and public - overall. Around 54,000 students benefit from the large variety of courses and leisure opportunities offered here.

And Dortmund can do even more: This is where science really happens - citizens, children and adults can all get exciting insights into the world of science in a whole series of different events and institutions.