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Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Dortmund-Agentur / Stefanie Kleemann

Studying in Dortmund

Dortmund is a young, innovative and internationally oriented university and science location, where socially relevant topics are researched and students find a diverse range of courses.


Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): TU Dortmund

Involved in numerous international university cooperations and partnerships, the universities offer local and international students and scientists worldwide exchange programs, such as ERASMUS. In addition, internationally recognized bachelor's and master's degree programs and a growing range of English-language courses make it possible to study internationally in Dortmund.
The city of Dortmund and the local university and scientific institutions are actively committed to internationalization and accompany international students and scientists during their stay in the city. The same applies to local students and scientists on their way abroad.
Orientation on various topics (language, education, work, family, health) is also provided by Integreat.

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