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ART.TRANSFER – Project Funding: funding of independent cooperation and cultural projects

The aim of the funding of cooperation and cultural projects within the framework of town twinning is to invest sustainably in established structures and to focus on network-building and participatory formats.


Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Rob Csaszar on unsplash

Project Funding

The second programme area includes the funding of "independent cooperation & cultural projects" in the context of town twinning.

The already established funding programme has been adapted and modernized with regard to its procedure in view of a holistic funding strategy. For many applicants, setting application deadlines increases the predictability of their projects and thus ensures their realization.

Applications that are received will be formally examined after the application deadlines. If the formal requirements are met, the concepts will be evaluated on the basis of the content and technical eligibility criteria published as part of the application process. The Kulturbüro (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund) makes a funding decision on this basis. The selected applications will be submitted to the Committee on Culture, Sport and Leisure as part of the annual funding report by the Kulturbüro (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund).
Please take the application deadlines into account.

Application and procedure

When is an application possible?

Please check the German site to be informed about the actual deadlines. There is no entitlement to funding. Funds are available in the respective financial year, funding over two years is not possible.

What is funded?

Eligibility requirements:

  • Projects in the sense of cultural exchange are supported both in Dortmund and locally in the twin towns.
  • The project should be completed after implementation and made available to the public as a format.
  • A cooperation with artists / creatives / institutions from one of Dortmund’s twin towns is required.

Eligible expenditure:

  • Funding for personnel costs, (ancillary) production and material costs as well as travel costs (for orientation see Funding guidelines: travel allowances per twin town)
  • Support for targeted and sustainable public relations work
  • Accommodation should be provided by the respective host, if possible, as part of the cooperation.
  • A personal contribution is not required.
  • Acquired or planned third-party funds must be shown.

Who is funded?

Eligible to apply are:

  • Artists and creatives who usually work and live in Dortmund/in one of a twin TOWN.
  • Artists of all disciplines (see below) and those working on an interdisciplinary basis**.
  • Individual artists, associations, collectives.
Performing arts
Dance, theatre, action/conceptual art, performance art

Digital arts, new/interactive media
Immersive art, video art, design, (electronic) music, sound design, scenography, virtual (spatial) sculptures, interactive installations

Urban art
Hip hop culture, street art, club culture, interventions in urban space


Music, composing

Art in construction, art in urban space, architecture

Fine arts
Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing/graphics, photography

**Artists working on an interdisciplinary basis are active in more than one discipline.

How is funding provided?

Funding is provided for projects. The applicant is always the artist, the association or the artist collective living and working in Dortmund.

The following must be submitted:
The application form:

  • Presentation of the content of the project and the final format, taking into account the guidelines.
  • Information on the relevance with regard to the formation of sustainable structures and on the topicality of the project in an artistic, cultural and international context.
  • Presentation of the cooperation partners from the respective twin town.
  • Outline of a schedule Application form

Balanced expenditure and financing plan for project funding
: ·

  • (Ancillary) production and material costs, travel expenses, fees for artists/creatives, rental fees for media and technology, room hire, public relations, other material costs.
  • Third-party funding, if this is planned or already acquired.
  • A personal contribution is not required.


  • Brief CV or work biography of all relevant participants; in the case of collectives, associations, etc., a description of activities, presentation of the association's goals, etc. – link to the homepage, instead of extensive catalogues.
  • Letter of intent or written confirmation by email from the artist from the twin town

For more information, see here: Funding guidelines [pdf, 147 kB]

How are applications submitted?

The applicant is always the artist, the association or the artist collective living and working in Dortmund!

For a complete application, the application form must be completed and signed. In addition, the above-mentioned enclosures must be included.

Submissions by email or post to

Kulturbüro Dortmund (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund)
Annika Schmermbeck
Kampstr. 6
44137 Dortmund


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