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ART.TRANSFER – Work Scholarship: individual funding for professional artists

The objective is an individual scholarship which is responsive to the needs of technical and professional development with a working stay in Dortmund’s twin towns. Collaboration with artists and cooperation partners in the twin towns is funded.


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The newly designed funding programme is intended to open up an unprecedented target group of Dortmund creatives and artists and to promote the testing of original approaches and collaborative processes. Thus, the funding programme also acts as a qualification programme for young artists and young cultural workers from Dortmund, who are just beginning to establish contacts and networks. The intention is that artists and creatives from Dortmund and its twin towns benefit from each other.


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Work scholarship

With the funding programme, the Kulturbüro (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund) ensures that on the one hand a new interdisciplinary target group of artists feels addressed by the offer and on the other hand that the funding offers programme participants the best possible support for the realization of their projects. The aim is to communicate an open application process, to keep the funding modalities low-threshold and to ensure appropriate remuneration of the artistic work.

The proposed project can be process- or result-oriented, i.e. the focus of funding can be on the work itself, support a new creative phase, stimulate (co-)productions or artistic/interdisciplinary research as well as the creation of models or prototypes. Projects should be innovative and of high artistic quality or originality; an interdisciplinary approach is welcomed.

The internationally involved project partners act on an equal footing. Collaboration takes place on a balanced partnership level. Both the artist from Dortmund and the cooperation partner from the respective twin town receive a fee. The choice of the cooperation partner should be made by the applicants themselves on the basis of their own professionalism.

The decision on the allocation of funding is made by an interdisciplinary jury. Please take the application deadlines into account. The Kulturbüro (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund) submits selected applications to the Committee on Culture, Sport and Leisure as part of the annual funding report.


The independent and evenly composed expert jury consists of nine personalities who form an expert cross-section of the international art and culture scene, and local politics and administration. The jury will be appointed for a period of two years. The jury decides according to content and professional criteria, which are made publicly available to the applicants as part of the application process. In addition, eligibility for funding is assessed according to the quality and professionalism of the submitted project plans.

A representative of the Committee on Culture, Sport and Leisure, City of Dortmund

A representative of the City of Dortmund / Department 1, Representation and Town Twinning Administrative

A representative of the Unit Dortmund Creative Quarters | DORTMUND KREATIV (City of Dortmund)

A representative of the Theatre Dortmund

A representative of the Kulturbüro Dortmund (Cultural Office of the Citiy of Dortmund)

A regional representative from the field of literature, music, night culture

A regional representative from the field of international urban art/culture

A regional representative from the field of new media, film, digital art/culture

A regional representative from the field of curatorial practice/mediation/cultural studies

Application and procedure


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When is an application possible?

Please check the German site to be informed about the actual deadlines.

What is funded?

Eligibility requirements: ·

  • Collaboration and networking: at least one artist from Dortmund and one cooperation partner from one of Dortmund’s twin towns develop a project and/or carry it out together.
  • A stay in one of Dortmund's twin towns is mandatory for artists from Dortmund.
Eligible expenditure:
  • Assumption of travel expenses (for orientation see Funding guidelines: Travel allowances per twin town) and accommodation (max. up to €130/overnight stay) for artists from Dortmund.
  • Material and production costs for the joint project.
  • Fees are paid per stay for two artists (artist from Dortmund / artist from the twin town). For this purpose, €350 gross / per day per artist will be fixed. The amount of the fee cannot be reduced or increased.
  • In the case of "producing work" additional fee costs may be indicated under material and production costs (e.g. technicians, stage construction, actors, models, set-up/dismantling assistants, assistant directors, graphic designers, photographers).
  • A personal contribution is not required.
  • Acquired or planned third-party funds must be shown.
The stay is possible for a period of up to ten days.
The number of artists (Dortmund/twin town) may vary depending on the concept, but is limited to two artists (Dortmund/twin town) per application with regard to the fee payment. Hotel and travel costs for accompanying persons must be within the existing budget.

Funding guidelines [pdf, 148 kB]

Who receives funding?

Eligible to apply are:

  • Artists and creatives who usually work and live in Dortmund/in one of the twin cities.
  • Artists of all disciplines (see below) and those working on an interdisciplinary basis**.
  • Primarily individual artists

Performing arts
Dance, theatre, action/conceptual art, performance art

Digital arts, new/interactive media
Immersive art, video art, design, (electronic) music, sound design, scenography, virtual (spatial) sculptures, interactive installations

Urban art
Hip hop culture, street art, club culture, interventions in urban space


Music, composing

Art in construction, art in urban space, architecture

Fine arts
Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing/graphics, photography

**Artists working on an interdisciplinary basis are active in more than one discipline.

How is funding provided?

On request, the Kulturbüro (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund) provides advice both in terms of content and form on the application process. After the formal preliminary examination, an independent jury of experts makes the funding decisions on the applications received on the basis of the present funding guidelines. In its funding decisions, the jury is bound by the amount of funding available for a calendar year,

and funding over two years is not possible. There is no entitlement to funding.

The jury meeting will take place after the application deadline; it discusses applications that are received by the deadline. Please note that the start of the project must not be before March of the following year.

The applicant is always the artist living and working in Dortmund!

The following must be submitted:

The application form:

  • Project description: objectives and measures of the proposed project, taking into account the criteria motivation, quality and professionalism, internationality and sustainability (see funding guidelines)
  • Presentation of all main project participants.
  • Indication of the required fees, travel expenses, costs for accommodation, material and production costs.
  • Indication of further third-party funding, if this is planned or has already been acquired. A personal contribution is not required.


  • Brief CV or work biography – link to the homepage, instead of extensive catalogues
  • Outline of a schedule
  • Brief CV or work biography of the artist from the twin town
  • Letter of intent or written confirmation by email from the artist from the twin town

How are applications submitted?

The applicant is always the artist living and working in Dortmund!

For a complete application, the application form must be completed and signed. In addition, the above-mentioned enclosures must be included.

Submissions by email or post to

Kulturbüro Dortmund (Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund)
Annika Schmermbeck
Kampstr. 6
44137 Dortmund

Important information for applicants!

Please note that the amount of funding approved in the grant notice, as requested, is earmarked for a cooperation with the foreign artist that you named and that the project can only be carried out on site in the twin town. The payment of a fee should be demonstrably made to the cooperation partner. We recommend that you use the specimen "Coproduction Agreement" that was made available.


Please note that this is only a specimen contract that may need to be adapted in order to cover all contract contents that the contracting parties may wish to regulate. The adaptation and design of the specimen agreement is the sole responsibility of the respective contracting parties. No claims against the City of Dortmund shall arise from any incorrect or non-existent use of the specimen by the contracting parties.

The funding application is submitted by the artist from Dortmund.

Download specimen agreement [docx, 45 kB]


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