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Iron and steel industry in the Dortmund area

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The permanent exhibition of the Hoesch Museum about the steel industry.

The permanent exhibition of the Hoesch Museum covers the period from the beginning of the iron and steel industry in the Dortmund area from 1840/41 to the structural changes of today.

The center point of the historical flashback is the history of the company Hoesch.
We present the conversion from iron to steel by original tools and products, by samples, media stations and movies.
The social history of the steel workers and their social institutions are shown in the section "Hoeschianer" (employees).
Especially we look at the structural changes in Dortmund and the actual development of the steel industry. For instance the cut of an original Porsche Carrera demonstrates the fast development of the steel coating technology to a multi functional high tech product.

The Hoesch Museum is located in the former Porter House which was designed by the famous architects Steinbach & Lutter in 1912-14 at the same time as the "new" headquarters next door.'
The Porter House was home of the token control, refectory for workers, wages office, security dept. with arrest cell.
Since 1988 the building is protected by landmark status because of its historical significance.