Children are guided through the zoo

Zoo Dortmund

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Children are guided through the zoo

Exciting details from the world of animals to learn in a guided tour through the zoo Dortmund.
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Veronika Saul

At the ZOO INFORMATION office, just behind the main entrance, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the zoo. There, you can also get all the latest information you need about the various tours available through the park, for groups of all ages.

At very reasonable conditions, we can arrange to cater for groups of all kinds, whether as a birthday treat, a special celebration, or to fit any other reason you might have for wanting to highlight a group day-out, and even tailored to your own particular wishes too:

  • kindergardens, schools 35,00 Euro
  • children's birthdays 40,00 Euro (upto 10 persons)
  • registered clubs and societies 45,00 Euro
  • other groups 80,00 Euro

To make enquiries about booking, please call under: Tel. (0231) 50-28580

Special Guided Tour Themes (summer event examples)

"The thunder of hooves"

The triumphant evolution of the hooved animal

What's the connecting link, for example, that horses, camels, giraffes, antelopes, and deer all have? Take a closer look down at their hooves and you'll soon recognise the differences and similarities. Wherever there were adequate sources of food to be found, then the population of this relatively more recently evolved order of animals became rapidly widespread.

Whether they evolved to become herds of zebra or antilope in Africa, or as one of the numerous other species that roamed the Eurasian continent, hooved animals have always been around in plentiful numbers to show witness to their true origin.
Just why this is so, and just how this great hooved-variety of animal species intelligently jigsaws together into a system of order, is enlightenly explained on this tour round the zoo, and with so much else to learn and understand.

Splish-splash - Taking a bath

Not only do we humans like to take a bath or a have a dip.

Of course, we know that seals, otters, coypus and penguins are happily in their element when in water. Just to take a look at their body form shows that they have smoothly adapted to a sleek "wet lifestyle". But there are chunky bears too, and tapirs, and a whole variety of birds who also know how to appreciate a fine, cool shower, on a very warm day. And just the same as for people, splashing around in the cool can be - oh! agh! - so wonderfully exhilarating!

Jungle Expedition

A tour of discovery through the Amazon rain-forest

This is an undertaking that you may think isn't quite so good for the weak nerved, for it's quite likely that you may suddenly find yourself face to face with a freely mobile iguana, a loud trumpeter bird, or a dwarf agouti. But whoever is willing to go in for the experience will learn a lot about the animals both inside and outside the enclosure - and who knows - might even discover the odd lost inhabitant or other.

We look forward to you paying us a visit!