Zoo Dortmund

Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Karl-Rainer Ledvina

Tips for visitors

Just behind the main entrance, you will find a noticeboard with all the latest news of recent births and arrivals and a map of the zoo. Inside the zoo, at the individual enclosures or animal houses, detailed descriptions give the name of each species and related information in both word and picture form. Threatened species are indicated by the red WWF warning triangle. A three-coloured signpost system will help you find your way round.

Dortmund Zoo is both a contemporary Noah's Ark and an oasis of green. To keep it that way - and to protect the animals, surroundings and visitors alike - the following rules have been drawn up:

  • Do not feed the animals except for those in the Petting Zoo; the other animals may only be fed by the zookeepers!
  • Do not tease the animals by throwing things or by prodding them with sticks and umbrellas or by reaching over.
  • Stay on the paths
  • Never ever climb over a barrier. The safety zones have been erected for your protection. Parents and/or persons in charge of children are requested to watch them with all due care. The management cannot be held liable for damages in the event of a violation.
  • Please leave your dogs, bicycles, roller-skates, transistor radios etc, at home!
  • The zoo animals are easily unsettled, quickly thrown into life threatening panic. Also, owing to the many slopes and inclines - roller-skates etc. - other visitors might be put at risk.
  • Feel free to take photos to your heart's content ... but stay on the pathways!
  • Photographers working on a commercial basis are kindly requested to first apply for permission.
  • Follow any instructions our staff may have to issue.

As you make your way around our Zoo, you are sure to notice its cleanliness and tidiness. Please take a moment to reflect on the huge amount of work put in by the zookeepers, the gardeners, the maintenance crews and all those who look after our unique collection of animals and costly facilities. We trust that you will honour our hard work (in public and behind the scenes) by treating our premises just like your own. Thank you.