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Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Karl-Rainer Ledvina

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The South America Zoo


Iguanas are found in the Amazon Building.
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 2.0 Germany flickr / erix!

Set in an area as large as 28 ha Dortmund Zoo is unique with its historical landscape and in the presentation of South American animals. More than 1500 animals in about 250 species from all over the world dwell in the rich green parkland. A major part of the animal inventory is of South American origin.

Representative of that is the Amazon Building with its rich vegetation and a unique animal society spread over three storeys thus copying the natural diversification of the tropical forests in the Amazon basin, one of the richest landscapes of the world. Immerse into a world of strange and exotic creatures such as the giant spiders, colourful frogs and the smallest primates of the world as well as free-ranging tropical birds, iguanas and the slow-moving sloths.

Giant Anteater

The Dortmund Zoo celebrates great breeding success with the giant anteater.
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Ilona Schappert

The very heart of its main theme is the Tamandua Building - a house exclusively devoted to the presentation of the zoo's flag species, the Giant Anteater, and its relatives (Tamanduas, sloths and armadillos). With its exclusive presentation of these strange looking animals the house is a worldwide unique example of a zoo building. Very close to that visitors are invited to watch large tapirs, small pudu deer, guanacos and rheas roaming their wide South America enclosures.

Another point of particular interest is the Otter House with the world's largest population of Giant Otters, one of the rarest animals in the world, outside the South American continent. The species is very difficult to breed but Dortmund Zoo is proud to have established a successful breeding pair and is thus contributing to the worldwide efforts in the conservation of this rare and endangered species of the South American wetlands. Other internationally renowned breeding records of Dortmund Zoo is the continuous breeding of the Giant Anteater (Dortmund Zoo is even the No. 1 in breeding this species!), also the continuous breeding of such rare animals as the Tamanduas, the Brazilian Tapir, the Malayan Tapir and several species of small cats from South America.

Angolan giraffe

Angolan giraffes can be seen in Germany only in Dortmund Zoo.
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Karl-Rainer Ledvina

Besides, animals from all the other continents can be seen at Dortmund Zoo: wood ducks from North America, Roe Deer from Europe, Red Kangaroos from Australia, Giraffes from Africa and Tigers from Asia. Dortmund Zoo is participating in numerous international breeding programs and contributes to efforts for the reintroduction of endangered animals into their native countries.

The animals at Dortmund Zoo as well as more than half a million visitors every year enjoy the wide enclosures set in the landscape dominated by a variety of old trees (most of them planted in the mid 19th century, long before the zoo opened its doors in 1953).

Visitors enjoy the shadows in summer and the shelter in winter time. A large playground and a restaurant as well as snack bars contribute to the well-being of our welcomed visitors.

Dortmund Zoo is a very special experience - come and enjoy majestic animals such as the Sumatran Tiger, the White Rhino or the Angolan Giraffe. Find out what strange animals bear names like the Binturong, the Nilgai or the Himalayan Tahr. Try to detect the Sumatran Orang-Utans in their large outdoor enclosures or the Green Iguanas camouflaged in the trees. Learn about the feeding habits of Sea Lions in the daily show presentation. Watch mother anteaters carrying their offspring on the back or antelopes nursing their calves.

Dortmund Zoo is also offering an array of guided tours. Have your birthday party at the zoo (complete with a guided tour and meeting with your favourite animal)! Or do you want to say "Yes" under the guarding eyes of a lion (marriages at the zoo)? Have a glimpse of what happens in the zoo's daily routine with one of the special "Behind-the Scenes"-tours or get in touch with animals in the petting zoo where you can even feed the animals (with the food provided by the zoo staff).

You see: Dortmund Zoo is a worth a trip - for sure.