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Picture: Dortmund-Agentur / Stefanie Kleemann

Welcome to Dortmund!

Looking for information about business location Dortmund? Planning to spend a few days in Dortmund and not quite sure what to do and what to see? Well, you've landed at the right site: The official Dortmund city information system.


Magnifier: Click to enlarge The "Alter Markt" in Dortmund is the historical center of the city. It is located in the south of the shopping street "Westenhellweg".

Like almost no other German city, Dortmund has seen enormous change in recent years. The former "steel city" developed into a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis, acquiring renown all across Europe as an innovative location for technological development.

But the biggest city in the Ruhr Valley also scores with a wide range of possibilities in the cultural and sporting sector, with extensive greens and a high quality of life.

Take the whole family on an outing to Dortmund – what a great idea! Even young tourists can find a load of activities that are sure to please. What about travelling back in time to the Ice Age? Perhaps a visit to Walter the orang-utan or Sandra, the giant anteater? The largest tepee in the world is also surely a great destination.

Everyone knows the BVB. And that’s a good thing! However, Dortmund has much more sports to offer than football. There are unlimited opportunities to participate in athletics here.

Culture enthusiasts will revel in Dortmund. Be awed by virtuoso concerts. Experience incredible intensity at the theatre. Discover the media art of the future. Dive into a world of coal, coke, and collegiality.

Business travellers will find everything they need in Dortmund for effective and successful work. Surrounded by one of the densest European motorway networks, with several airports, hourly ICE, IC, and EC trains, as well as excellent public transportation, Dortmund is at the centre of fast connections.

Leisure & Culture

Picture: Karl-Rainer Ledvina

Zoo Dortmund

About 1,500 animals in 230 species live in the Dortmund Zoo. more...

Campaign Launch

Image Campaign "Amazing Dortmund - One City Great Opportunities"

The city of Dortmund has for the occasion of News Year's Reception 2015 officially launched their new image campaign "Amazing Dortmund - One City Great Opportunities" more...

Social Media


Rainforest house

Orangutan offspring at the Zoo-Dortmund


The Zoo Dortmund went with two good news in the last weekend: the Rainforest House "Rumah hutan" is reopened and the Zoo has new offspring. more…

Amazing Dortmund - One City Great Opportunities

English image brochure released


"Amazing Dortmund - One City Great Opportunities" is the English title of the brochure "Dortmund. Überrascht. Dich", which has just been published. The brochure is available free of charge at the Dortmund-Agency. more…

Festival summer

Micro!Festival with world music and street theater


From 7th to 9th August, the festival presents an exciting 22nd Micro!Festival journey through the cultural treasures of the world - "Downtown on stage", free open-air! more…

News Archive

Picture of the month


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For the first time since the Middle Ages, Viticulture back in Dortmund

The first grown wine in Dortmund since the Middle Ages "New Emscher Valley - Phoenix 2014" is vinified and bottled. Dr. Jochen Stemplewski, head of Emschergenossenschaft, presented the first bottle to Mayor Ullrich Sierau.

The handover of the crops grown from the Emschergenossenschaft at Phoenix Lake wine was right at the vineyard on the northern shore of the lake.

Picture: Rupert Oberhäuser/Emschergenossenschaft

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Town Twinning

Dortmund's international partners

Picture: Gerd P. Müller

Concert Hall

Venue of international reputation


Dortmund's Museums

Art, technology and science

Preview: Webcam "Friedensplatz"


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Picture Collection: Münster street festival Icon: Picture Collection

Münster street festival

People from 180 countries live in Dortmund, a large number of them in the northern city.

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